New generation self-service machine producing popcorn using hot air.

Popcorn is always fresh, warm and most important – healthy – only hot air and corn, which is a source of many minerals, vitamins, fiber … Does not contain gluten.

Thanks to the fact that the production is not based on fat around the machine during production, you can feel the delicate, pleasant smell of popcorn, which after a few minutes neutralizes

The machine produces popcorn using GMO-free corn specially prepared for popping with hot air.

The machine, after pressing the FREE button or inserting a coin, dispenses a cup which the customer unfolds and puts it into the popcorn dispensing chamber, waiting about 80 seconds for the cup to fill with fresh, delicious popcorn. This is an attraction especially for children who can make a snack themselves. During popping, the machine can issue voice prompts with instructions and you can hear pleasant music. You can change the music to whatever you like.

For ready popcorn, you can use a special powder in three flavors: caramel, green onion and salt. The sachets with powder can be placed in a folded carton or in special containers (baskets) near the machine.

Now you can pay for popcorn by card or smartphone (NFC) – contactless.

Recommended terminal – NAYAX VPOS Touch